Wills Trusts And Estates Lawyer

Looking to the future is important. Trusted legal help can make a significant difference when planning for what will happen to your possessions after your gone. That is why Mountain West Law® is dedicated to providing superior legal services in the areas of planning wills, trusts, and estates. If you, a parent, or a relative need legal assistance navigating the difficult areas of estate planning, family trusts, and wills, our lawyers have decades of experience in estate planning law and probate law.


A well-executed estate plan, trust, and will means less time spent in probate. When someone passes away, we are dedicated to ensuring their possessions reach the right hands in a timely manner, with little room for dispute. This is why it is imperative to seek legal help for your will, trust, or estate plan sooner rather than later to preserve your legacy.

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Why Choose Us?

Mountain West Law® has served Salt Lake City since 2002. Our attorneys have decades of experience in the areas of probate law and estate planning, in addition to other areas. We have the reach of a large firm, but give every case the special care and attention you expect from a small firm. If you would like to start estate, will, or trust plan, contact us today for a free consultation.