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Founders Clark B. Fetzer, Gregory M. Simonsen, Bryan H. Booth, and Scott R. Jenkins created Mountain West Law in 2002. They left some of the most prestigious law firms in Utah to band together and create their own firm. The goal for their law firm in Salt Lake City was to maintain the highest level of expertise and experience, while providing personal, boutique-style legal services in a small firm setting.

During your search for the right lawyers in Utah, your main priority should be protecting your rights. You need a lawyer in Utah who will look out for your best interests. The attorneys at Mountain West Law truly care about each client who comes to the firm for assistance. We treat clients like family members, going the extra mile to ensure top-quality legal services throughout the litigation process.


Our lawyers in Utah have decades of combined experience in a range of settings and case types. From accomplished mediators to experienced commercial dispute lawyers, our litigation law firm has the ideal attorney for your case. A wide breadth of experience across practice areas gives us the ability to serve clients in many ways. Let our attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah, give you peace of mind, starting with a free consultation.

We serve clients with a variety of legal needs

And have developed particular experience in the following practice areas:

Construction and surety

Our attorneys practice in virtually all aspects of construction matters, from project finance and contract negotiations through bid procurement, project performance, and claims such as breach of contract, mechanics liens, construction defects, toxic mold, liquidated damages, delay and acceleration, differing site conditions, and termination.


Comercial litigation

We are experienced in litigating a variety of commercial matters. We represent clients in disputes over contract provisions, real property conveyance and ownership, sale of goods, manufacturing agreements, security interests in real and personal property, insurance coverage, and other issues facing large and small businesses.


Wills, trusts and estates

We represent title insurance companies and other clients in resolving real estate title defects including boundary disputes, mechanic’s liens, judgment liens, wrongful liens, incorrect title descriptions, defective conveyances, forgeries, unauthorized or otherwise deficient conveyances, and other encumbrances which affect or impair title to real property.

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