Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys


We have experience in arbitration, mediation, and other forms of dispute resolution both as advocates and neutrals. As advocates, we represent businesses in many different industries in both arbitrations and mediations, with particular expertise in handling construction industry disputes. Our attorneys also serve as mediators and arbitrators and are listed on the rosters of state and federal courts in Utah and with the American Arbitration Association

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR is one of our tools to resolve conflicts. We not only have valuable experience as advocates in various forms of ADR, including arbitration and mediation, we also serve as neutrals. As advocates, we represent clients in the practice areas of the firm. Experience as advocates includes:

  • Creative resolution of dispute over construction of Utah Olympic facilities
  • Mediating and settling abandonment of Utah State Prison Tooele site
  • Solving problem with renovation of Utah State Capitol at no expense to taxpayers
  • Representing parties in construction industry transactions

As neutrals, we serve industries in our practice areas, particularly construction and surety. Experience as neutrals includes:

  • Service on the Utah State Court Roster of Mediators
  • American Arbitration Association Roster of Mediators
  • Arbitration under AAA Construction Industry Rules
  • Membership in the Dispute Resolution Section of the Utah State Bar
  • Mediation of claims of developer against contractors
  • Mediation of construction claims
  • Mediation of surety bond claims
  • Mediation of breach of contract claims
  • Mediation of family dispute over inheritance
  • Mediation of lease dispute