Trademark Law Attorney

Trademark law sets the rules for how a manufacturer or distributor can distinguish its goods from those made or sold by someone else. It involves the symbols, colors, and phrases a creator wants to claim for a certain product or brand. Trademark law can be complex and generally requires an attorney’s help. For a trusted and experienced trademark attorney in Utah, contact Mountain West Law® in Salt Lake City.

Why Choose Us?

It is not easy for inventors and sellers to obtain trademarks for their products. It may require mark registration, lengthy applications, strict guidelines, and payment of various trademark costs. Although a trademark attorney in Utah is not mandatory, hiring a lawyer can make navigating trademark law much easier. An attorney can take care of complex legal matters on your behalf, while you focus on building your business.

Mountain West Law® has decades of experience handling trademark law cases. We understand state and federal regulations, as well as the most efficient and effective means to an end. Let us help you with your trademark situation. Call our trademark attorneys in Utah today at (801) 328-0266.