Utah Mechanics Liens Law Attorney

If you are a subcontractor in need of a mechanics lien in Utah, we can help. A mechanics lien, also known as a construction lien or contractor’s lien, is a lien taken out against a property when a subcontractor is not paid. For example, if you (the subcontractor) provide a service to the general contractor who is managing the project, such as pouring the driveway, but the general contractor does not pay you, you can take out a mechanics lien against the property. This is your right because you provided the work and materials, which justifies that you be paid under the law. Though this may seem unfair to the homeowner in some circumstances, they can, in turn, sue the general contractor. At the end of the day, everyone deserves a just outcome.

How do you get a mechanics lien?

  • Hire legal help.
  • Provide notice to the homeowner.
  • File a claim of mechanics lien in the county where the job took place.
  • Go through a two to six month waiting period of mediation, or file a lawsuit.

Why Choose Us?

If you need help in the area of construction law, call Mountain West Law® in Salt Lake City. We have over 16 years’ experience as a firm, and many years of courtroom experience. We can help with a mechanics lien every step of the way, in addition to offering straightforward construction law mediation services. Contact us today for a free consultation.