Land Use And Zoning Attorney

You do not have to be an expert in zoning laws or land use law to purchase property or start a business in Utah. You can hire a lawyer to handle complex legal matters on your behalf.


The attorneys at Mountain West Law® can help you navigate strict land use laws and tackle demanding zoning issues. Whether you are local to Utah or need help from out of state, contact us to discuss your case.

How We Can Help

Mountain West Law® has routinely resolved cases involving complicated zoning laws and land use issues on behalf of clients. Our attorneys have had outstanding success in the following service areas:

  • Obtaining conditional use or building permits
  • Getting mining permits, sign permits, fill permits, etc.
  • Achieving site plan approval and other entitlements
  • Helping businesses establish nonconforming uses in difficult counties


Our attorneys can assist you through every stage of the land-use law process, from finding your ideal location to obtaining the permits that will enable you to start your small business or other construction project. Call (801) 328-0266 to speak with a lawyer today.